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Touch is a sanitizing continuous spray proven to kill 99.99% of disease causing germs for up to 6 hours.

Be Proactive

Ironically today’s hand hygiene instructions are reactive. When hands get dirty, we wash or sanitize them. We do this after they are infected by germs. Now with Touch’s long lasting easy application, you can make it a daily habit… one proactive spray at a time.

Up to 6 Hours Protection

Touch™’s unique, patented formula allows for one application of Touch™ to last up to 6 hours on the surface of the skin, providing a persistent barrier of protection. Comparably, traditional hand sanitizers are no longer effective once they dry, and need to be reapplied every time you touch something.

Softens Skin

Each application of Touch™ softens and conditions your hands with our special blend of essential oils and skin softeners. Alcohol-based sanitizers dry and roughen hands, and are the number one reason that some consumers have stopped using traditional hand sanitizers.

Revolutionary Aerosol Technology

The most exciting aspect to Touch™ is its revolutionary aerosol technology, which allows the user to easily, quickly, and evenly distribute the product on the surface of the skin to start your day with a good, clean, and new healthy habit.
A new lifestyle habit so you can…

Did You Know


The most common way to pick up viruses and bacteria is through hand contact.


Did you know electronics carry thousands of bacteria cells that can unknowingly harm your health? Be smart about your hygiene.


Touch™ provides the solution to prevent contact to harmful bacteria with the help of aerosol technology.


Sitting on a bus, holding a subway car pole – every part of public transportation is a haven for bacteria and mold.


Do you ever think about the numerous kids swinging on those monkey bars before yours? Playgrounds can put your children at risk for contracting bacteria.

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